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Young casahistoriaSites for younger site users. The three listed here are for the oldest and close to full casahistoria strength! The picture is a Black houseboy servant in 18th century England: on the slavery page.Young casa home 
Pages include: 
Industrial Revolution | Slave Trade | WW1

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 Cold War       
Origins | Germany | Korean War | Thaw to Cuban Crisis | Vietnam Space Race | Detente | End of the Cold War
The Europeans cut up AfricaImperialism Home  Decolonisation | European  Emigration pages | Indo China | Vietnam War | China & the West |Cuba | Malvinas/Falklands | Ireland pages | Catholic Missions in America 
Latin America
The Perons, Juan & Evita - meet them in the latin american pagesLatin America home | Catholic Missions | US & Latin America | The Military Regimes
Country sites: Argentina pages | Bolivia | Brazil | Chile | Cuba | Malvinas | Mexico pages | Paraguay | Peru | Uruguay
Middle East
Links to the roots to today's problems in the Middle EastPalestine Mandate | Arab-Israeli Conflict 1947-79 | British in Mesopotamia/Iraq | Iraq, the West & War
Rasputin......Background to Revolution | 1917 Lenin´s Russia | Stalin,  1927-39 
Single Party States
Mussolini - first fascist dictatorSingle Party home | Mussolini & Fascism | Hitler & Nazi Germany pages | Weimar & Rise of Hitler |
Franco | Spanish Civil War|
| Stalin pages |
Mao | see also Republican China
| Castro|
South American Military
Women's History
Newly expanded and restructured!Women's History Home | Women's Suffrage pages | Women in Totalitarian States
English Civil War
Charles I and the Civil War: the story, politics & ideas of his fall and those who followed him!Background | The Wars The People | Beliefs & Ideas | Commonwealth & Protectorate | Restoration, 1660-1665

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