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1. General Sites
2. Independence 1821 -1889
Political narrative | Revolts, Revolutions & Rebellions | Economics
3. Wars of the Empire
4. Republic 1889 -1964
Political narrative  | Coups & revolts | Vargas
5. Military Rule
Portuguese Brazil (separate page)
Indigenous Brazil
Colonial Brazil
Kingdom of Brazil  

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1. General Sites

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  Portuguese Brazil For extensive links to Colonial and pre Independence Brazil 
  casahistoria: Latin America visit the casahistoria general Latin American page for many more background sites.





2. Independence & Empire, 1821-1889
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Political narrative and overview Dom Pedro I Dom Pedro II Revolts, Revolutions and Rebellions Economics


  See also the Slavery in Brazil section of the casahistoria Portuguese Brazil site




3. Wars of the Empire, 1821-1889

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Triple Alliance War, 1864-70:





4. Republic 1889-1964

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Political narrative and overview Immigration Brasilia 



Civil Wars, Coups & Revolts Vargas 1930-54



5. Military Rule 1964-85

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  The Military Regimes For casahistoria links to the military regimes of other Latin American states at this time



  • 20 Exemplary Cases Torture, 1964-1980. Examples from the records of the torture used during military rule  §
  • Brazil 1961-1964:Introducing the marvelous new world of Death Squads. Background to the coup excerpted from the book Killing Hope by William Blum
  • Torture in Brazil 1970 New York Review of Books article. Includes letter by political prisoners and women prisoners of Ilha das Flores describing the oppression & torture of the military regime. Graphic.
  • Brazilian sites (in Portuguese) that focus on the repression & terrorism of the military regime (all can be google translated into  English)
  • Lembrar É Resistir Site based on a a theatrical piece, "Lembrar É Resistir" (To Remember is to Resist), staged in what had been the downtown DOPS headquarters in São Paulo. Ran for over a year, with a cast including former torture victims.
  • Terrorismo Nunca Mais (no more terror) Remembering the victims of terrorism
  • Centro de Documentação Eremias Delizoicov (Documentation Centre for the disappeared and dead)
  • Brazil: Records on Suppression Destroyed  Guardian 2004 item by Vivian Sequera  explaining how Brazil's army burned all documents about the suppression of a 1970s insurgency against the military dictatorship
The US & the Military Regime
  • US Role in Overthrow of Goulert Govt Declassified Documents shed light on US Role Documents revealed by US National Security Archive show US role in  overthrow of Joao Goulart. Includes link to audio tape of President Johnson urging US take "every step that we can" to support coup.
  • Clerics, exiles, and academics: Opposition to the Brazilian Military dictatorship in the United States, 1969-1974 Latin American Politics and Society, 2003 by James N Green Argues that between 1969 and 1974, a small group of church activists, exiled Brazilians, and academics introduced the issue of human rights in Latin America into the U.S. national body politic & laid the groundwork for a broader solidarity movement with Latin American popular struggles in the late 1970s and 1980s. Very thorough, but long article.
Aspects of the Military Regime




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