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  1. S Atlantic & Antarctica: historic context
History of international Antarctic rivalry | Antarctic Treaty Documents | The growth of national rivalry
  2. Diplomatic & Legal Origins of the 1982 Conflict
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General Accounts of the War | Biographies
Military Actions | International Situation
Witness accounts | Documents
Audio Visual Materials | Analysis | Aftermath
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   Independence & Confederation


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1. The South Atlantic and Antarctica: the historic context
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Malvinas/Falklands War To go straight to the military and diplomatic events, bios, witness accounts and consequences visit the main casahistoria page on the conflict.


Antarctica is the least populated continent but it has been the cause of some very interesting geopolitics. One of the last areas to feel the impact of the New Imperialism, the politics of the south Atlantic have also contributed to regional rivalry and the 1982 war between Argentina and the United Kingdom - Britain´s last imperial conflict?


History of Antarctic rivalry

National sites

Antarctic Treaty Documents  The growth of national rivalry over Antarctica Most specific to the South Atlantic Falklands/Malvinas context:






2. Diplomatic & Legal Origins of the 1982 Conflict
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3. The Political Background   

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The Military Go to the casahistoria site for extensive links to the background & role of the military regime in Argentina

Malvinas/Falklands War For the military and diplomatic events, bios, audio and visual materials, witness accounts and consequences now visit the main casahistoria page on the conflict.


4. Profile: Argentina and the British before the conflict
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British influence in the Argentine Economy Go to the casahistoria page to find links to 19th & early 20th century British investment in railways, meat processing and industry in general
Immigration from Britain & British Empire This casahistoria site has extensive links on the immigration into Argentina from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.

  • Argentina from a British Point of View - notes on Argentine Life Gutenberg project book. Very useful. This is the complete book, as edited & published in 1910 by CP Ogilvie. Tells the story in depth - estancia life, city life of the Anglo families, climate, entertainment, travel, life in the army. Well indexed and supported with photos, charts and figures. A real gem!
World War II

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   Independence & Confederation
  The Republic before Perón
  Immigration into Argentina
  Perόn's Argentina
  The Military and aftermath



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