the arab-israeli conflict, 1947-78   

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1. Population Movements
Continued immigration  | The Palestinian diaspora 1947 onwards | Arab world evictions of Jewish settlements |
2. Growing Terror & the Emergence of Militant  
      Arab Resistance
Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) | Fatah | Hamas | Other groups
3. October War of 1973
4. Camp David & Egyptian-Israeli Peace Accords
Role of the USA in conflict
Camp David Agreements 
5. Key Resources 

    1. Key Beliefs
    2. British withdrawal, establishment of Israel
              & 1948/9 War

    3. The Israeli State
    4. Wars of 1956 and 1967

The casahistoria core Middle East pages:
  British Mandate in Palestine
  The Arab Israeli conflict, 1947-78  
  The British in Mesopotamia/Iraq
  Iraq, Hussein, the West & War



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Due to the very polarised nature of this topic, users are advised to consider carefully the provenance of the links included as well as their content. The links included here are an attempt to provide items of value where partiality is least. Several resources have been excluded due to their bias obscuring the value to a historian.

  British mandate in Palestine Go to the casahistoria site for detailed background links to the Arab-Israeli Conflict 
  Arab-Israeli conflict, 1947-67, part 1 Go to the casahistoria site for detailed background links to the conflicts of 1948-67

1. Population Movements

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Continued Jewish Immigration
  • Immigrants Official Israeli immigration statistics by country & decade, 1948 - 2006 (this is an excel file)
  • Aliyah Official immigration history from Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Gives a concise overview of reasons why immigrants came and who came
  • The Historic Significance of American Aliya Yossi Klein Halevi looks back at the reasons why his family left the USA for Israel and what it was like to make the move. Article in Jerusalem Post.

  See also Jewish Immigration from the casahistoria The British Mandate in Palestine site

The Palestinian diaspora 1947 onwards Removal of Jewish settlements from the Arab world
  • Jews Flee Arabic Homelands Overview essay by Frank E. Smitha as part of his World History site describing the attacks on Jews outside Israel in the Arab world and the disappearance of their ancient communities.
  • The Middle East's Forgotten Refugees by Semha Alwaya, an attorney in the Bay Area and a founding member of Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa. Born in Iraq and raised in Turkey, Iran, Israel and the U.S.A., Alwaya was among 125,000 Iraqi refugees whose citizenship was revoked and their property confiscated by the Iraqi government in the middle of the 20th century. 
  • Operation Magic Carpet Article by Alaska Airlines(!) on their role in airlifting thousands of Yemenite Jews to the newly created nation of Israel in 1949



2. Growing Terror & Emergence of Militant Arab Resistance
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 Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)  Fatah


Other Palestinian groups



3. October War of 1973: causes, course and consequences 

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Six Day War to Yom Kippur

The War

  •  1973 "Yom Kippur" War Background information using a variety of historians from Israeli-Palestinian Site on the origins, events and outcomes
  • The October 1973 War from History of Israel by US Library of Congress Outline Country Study from Helen Chapin Metz, 1988.
  • The reasons of the war Looks in detail at the causes of the war. Paper presented by Major Ebrahim Al-Jowder, Bahrain Armed Forces, 1997.
  • Yom Kippur War: Sacrificial Stand in the Golan Heights article decribing the Syrian front which shattered the myth of Israeli invincibility helped Syria regain much of the honor it had lost in the debacle of 1967. By Gary Rashba, 1998 Military History magazine.
  • The October War supplement produced by Cairo's Al Ahram Includes Egyptian witness accounts, images and articles by Egyptian historians
  • The 1973 Arab-Israeli War (Executive summary) by US Major Steven J. Piccirilli, for a military evaluation of the war (1989)


  • A Cry From The Bunkers Authentic recordings by Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier Avi Yaffe from inside the IDF position on the Suez canal, under attack at the outbreak of the war.


  • The October War and U.S. Policy Very thorough set of documents presented by the US National Security Archive for US policy at a time when the ongoing Watergate crisis intersected with the October War. Nixon was distracted and while his political prestige was collapsing, Kissinger's was growing even more. With Nixon embattled, Henry Kissinger emerged as the key U.S. decisionmaker during the October War.
  • Soviet Policy in the October 1973 war. This is a 39 sided report commissioned by the Rand Corp for the US government in. However go to page 35 for the useful conclusion. (written 1976)
  • The Egyptian-Israeli Disengagement Treaties of 1974 and 1975 Article shows how Kissinger's Shuttle Diplomacy ended hostilities. By Pierre Tristam, Links to actual texts of the agreements



4. Camp David and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Agreement  

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Role of the USA in conflict Camp David Agreements


  • Muslims and Israelis, 1976-88 Overview essay by Frank E. Smitha as part of his World History site describing Camp David, the U.S. in Lebanon, war in Afghanistan & intifada  



5. Key Resources

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  • Israeli-Palestinian Site which attempts to present a simple, nonpartisan for and against approach to the conflict. Uses an interesting approach: Asks a key question then uses (a balance of) documents/sources to provide material to come to a conclusion. This link takes you to the overall theme index. Click on a theme for the "questions". Excellent resource.
  • History of the Middle East Database Use this teaching resource by to place Palestine in a geographical and cultural  context. Contains histories and bibliographies of the countries in the region.
  • Israel and Palestine: Middle East Historical and Peace Process Source Documents  Extensive listing of key documents from MidEastWeb. Good easy reference once you know where to look - below the "Trivia Quiz"..... Site also has linked timelines, brief outline histories, but the documents are the key resource. However, also worth looking at is:
  • Brief History of Israelis and Palestinians A capsule history of Palestine/Israel since early times. Use this for a grand overview.
  • Internet Modern History Sourcebook Documentary Resources on the emergence of Israel from the British mandate
  • Avalon Project. Extensive collection of Middle East documents
Keeping in Touch
  •  Aljazeera Middle East Aljazeera's English service keeps an updated page dedicated to the Middle East. Has a Twitter service...
  • BBC Middle East crisis Updated constantly. links to special sections/stories/eye witness accounts and analysis
  • CNN Middle East CNN's updated page is much more sparse than the others in terms of layout, and I think coverage....
  • France 24 Middle East Probably the best laid out and easiest to navigate given the many tension areas in the middle east today. Appears to make good integrated use of video reports. Also, perhaps they have less of an axe to grind....



The casahistoria core Middle East pages:

    British Mandate in Palestine
    The Arab Israeli conflict, 1947-78  
    The British in Mesopotamia/Iraq
    Iraq, Hussein, the West & War



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