perόn and the nazi's: links to perόn's postwar relationship with the nazi's and their escape to south america   

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  Eichmann, nazi refugee during the Perón era and CAPRI employee, finally captured in 1960 by the Israeli secret service then put on trial (as shown here) in Tel Aviv casahistoria - web site for students of modern history!

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1. The Perόn connection
2. Escape to Argentina
Escape routes
The Vatican, red Cross & CIA connections
3. The Nazis in Argentina  
4. Contemporary Argentina's Response
   The Peróns (separate page)
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1. The Perόn connection
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The Peróns: casahistoria links to the Argentina of Juan Perón and his wife Eva Duarte, Evita

A good place to start to give a little bit of balance......
  • Argentina’s Disappearing Odessa Files. In many ways the best article/review of Uki Goñi's, The Real Odessa  "The Real Odessa", key recent book on the Nazi's & Argentina. This lengthy article by Max Paul Friedman, Department of History, Florida State University, details clearly the process of Perón's involvement with the Nazi's. He makes interesting parallels with the use of Germans by the USA, USSR and France after 1945 to question why Perón's support for the Germans is criticised outside Argentina when the others is not.
  • Perón and the Nazi's by Mark Falcoff from Time Magazine. How the European fascist sensibility found new roots and new life in the South Atlantic region.
  • Perón y los nazis: una fraternal relación 2007 interview with Uki Goñi, Argentine author of Odessa. Concise but useful as this part focuses on the how close Perón was to national socialism. From Deutsche Welle
  • La rama nazi de Perón (Perón's Nazi branch) Article from Argentina'a la nacion newspaper decribing the close links between nazi escape groups and the Perón government.
  • Axis Ties with Argentina. Foreign Policy Reports Contemporary report from February 1, 1946 by the US Foreign Policy Association. Indicates the concern in the US of Axis involvement in Argentina.
  • The Straight Dope: What’s the true story on South American Nazis Laid back presentation, but a good, balanced summary of research as it stood in 2004.
  • Evita, the Swiss and the Nazis Nazi-hunter John Loftus has charged that the First Lady of the Republic and His Holiness discussed the care and feeding of the Nazi faithful in Argentina
  • First lady Eva Peron 'allowed Nazis to hide out in Argentina 2011 review article showing how Evita Peron allowed Nazis to hide out in Argentina in exchange for treasures looted from rich Jewish families. Daily Mail Review is of 'The Politically Incorrect Guide to Latin America,'by Leandro Narloch and Duda Teixeira. See also
  • Evita, Swiss & the Nazis By Georg Hodel Based, in part, on a Swiss German-language documentary directed by Frank Garbely and entitled "Evitas Geheimnis - Die Schweizer Reise", this looks at Eva Perons visit to Switzerland and its secret links with the nazi escape line to Argentina
  • New Look at Argentine-Nazi ties  In "The German Connection: The Laundering of Nazi Money in Argentina," Gaby Weber, a German journalist, argues that the Perón dictatorship sponsored an operation to move illicitly obtained wealth to Argentina and then back to Germany. For nearly a decade, her book asserts, German-made cars, trucks, buses and even the machinery for entire factories flowed into Argentina, paid for with dollars that were then used to help finance the "German economic miracle." New York Times
  • Hitler's Shadow Useful 2010 111 page long official US National Archives report on Nazi War Criminals, U.S.Intelligence, and the Cold War.Focus is not on Argentina but puts Peron Nazi links in global context. Use the search facility (12 references to argentina) Richard Breitman and Norman J.W. Goda
and links to revisionist pieces arguing the Perón-Nazi connection was less than believed:
  • The Peróns: Argentina’s Populist Power Couple " Were the Peróns really so bad? Or have they merely been smeared because the populist Perón was not unfriendly to the Third Reich?" 2002 Analysis by Robert K. Logan in The Barnes Review using the findings of CEANA, the official Argentine “Commission of Inquiry into the Activities of Nazism in Argentina”.
  • The Politics of Espionage: Nazi Diplomats and Spies in Argentina, 1933-1945 Long and overly detailed but pages 396-9 give good details on how sympathetic Peron actually was (not as much as usually believed) to National Socialism. 2009 dissertation by RL McGaha, Univ of Ohio
  • The Jews and Perón: Communal Politics and National Identity in Peronist Argentina, 1946-1955 Detailed online book by LD Bell argues that despite claims Perón was anti-Semitic and in sympathy with European fascism, he in fact demonstrated a considerable amount of pragmatism in his dealings with Argentina’s 250,000 strong Jewish population and attempted to integrate a number of traditionally excluded groups, including Jews, into Argentina's socially and politically inclusive national vision.





2. Escape to Argentina
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Vatican connection US/CIA connection


The recent revision of the organised ratline/ODESSA escape theory is presented here:
  • The Flight from Justice Historian Gerald Steinacher on How Nazis Fled Europe after World War II Important and useful History News Network Interview (2011) with Dr. Gerald Steinacher who debunks the myth of a secret ODESSA organization that assisted fleeing Nazis. He then traces their actual escape methods and routes, especially through Italy, and investigates the involvement in particular of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Vatican and the U.S. intelligence agencies. Overburdened institutions enabling flight rater than a structure like ODESSA. Reads well!


3. The Nazi's in Argentina

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Hitler's refugee scientists who worked for Perόn
  • The Pulqui story. Brief history of the industrial project that for so many proved the economic "signature" policy of Peron: the attempt to build a domestic jet industry (using exiled German engineers). Heavily subsidised, it eventually failed in tandem with Peron. The wikipedia page is also very informative with many images
  • Naranjeros, Gauchos and Indians By Hernán Longoni. This detailed article describes the development of an Argentine Flying Wing and other (German engineer led) aviation projects after 1945. Unfortunately, the site is now no longer. This is the Wayback version, recovered except for images.  §
  • Argentina: Why so much theater? Gary Weber article looking at the role of the US (echoes of North Korea policy: US would provide uranium for "peaceful purposes if Argentina closed down its - German led - nuclear programme) in ending of the contracts with German engineers after the fall of Peron in 1955. Also shows the covert US involvement in the 1960 siezure of Eichmann.


Eichmann Mengele Priebke
  • Erich Priebke account of nazi past and time in Bariloche, Argentina from Jewish Virtual library.




4. Contemporary Argentina's Response 

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  • Argentina confronts Nazi haven by Uki Goni in Buenos Aires for Guardian Unlimited.
  • Granta interview with Uki Goñi, February 2003 on publication of The Real Odessa, Uki Goñi’s investigation into the complicated network that delivered Nazi war criminals to Argentina
  • The Real Odessa, Uki GoniArgentina probes cover-up NPR (radio report but has transcipt on the page) Argentina's president orders an investigation into whether government employees secretly destroyed files on Nazi war criminals who fled to the country after World War II. NPR's Martin Kaste reports.
  • Argentina's Disappearing Odessa Files H Net review by max Friedman developed review of the Uki Goni Real Odessa book.
  • A Culture of Impunity Article in English from the Argentine newspaper Página/12 about Argentina's presidential Secretary of Culture, Torcuato Di Tella, who defended two Croatian war criminals, in a letter sent to US Representative Maurice Hinchey.
  • Argentina asked again for files article from Philadelphia Inquirer. §
  • Archivo Odessa  Article on the research being done by the Argentine government into 7,250 nazi Croatians admitted to postwar Argentina, among them some of the worst assassins of Europe. From the Argentine Página/12 but google translates easily.


  • Ukinet Uki Goñi, an Argentine journalist who grew up in the US and Argentina is currently the key researcher into the Nazi link with Argentina. His work appears in print in Peron y los Alemanes  and most recently in The Real Odessa. Ukinet is his website. It also links to other articles on the topic - in French and Italian too - (including the theme of how accessible Argentine files on the subject are). These links are constantly updated and have been the source of many of the links on this page. Unfortunately the links to this key site change frequently.


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